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Two weeks ago today I left my teenage years behind me and entered the decade of twenty. TWENTY. Okay, I feel slightly old and also kinda really fucking excited about being twenty. Although nothing has really changed yet, but I have a kinda great feeling that twenty will be pretty fucking amazing. I mean I move to Canada in 5 and a half weeks, which yes i'm shitting myself for, but get me on that plane on 27th August, because Canada i'm coming for ya.

Being twenty so far has been kinda meh though. I mean I think I have spent most of it at work, dealing with customers and the great British public, which is either a frill or you annoy me so much but I can not say that to your face. Except for going to London on my twentieth and going for a meal with my mates to celebrate being the last one to enter the decade of twenty, twenty has been work; binge watching 13 Reasons Why; and spending every other living moment in Purpose Tour merch. If you haven't brought a PT hoodie, then you are missing out on the comfort that I am currently living in. Like yes, I feel like a teddy bear. Can I say that being a twenty year old?

Last year, just before my 19th birthday I wrote a list of 20 things I wanted to do before I turned twenty. So, now lets see if I have actually managed to complete any of these. 

1. Get a car ✔️
My little silver or some people think it is more of a grey colour, Corsa does me the job. It has got me to university and back; work and back; and other stuff and back. My little 1 litre corsa that really doesn't have much power was brought on the 31st July last year on its 7th birthday. It was actually registered on the 31st July 2009. 

2. Talk to more people 
I feel like this one is a hard one to judge. Like yes I have spoken to people throughout the year that I had never spoken to last year. Idk. 

At least 3 times a week I have been doing a youtube video because the gym still scares me. Blogilates, Lucy Wydham Read and Popsugar Fitness are a few of my favourites and I feel like I have become fitter. I also joined Lacrosse at university and at the beginning of the year I couldn't run around the astro pitch without getting out of breathe and by the end of the year I could run around it without getting out of breathe. So I guess I have become fitter, maybe. 

4. lighten up more 
Again, kinda hard to judge. 

5. learn to not care what people think 
This is probably something that will come with getting older and at the moment I still care about what people think of me. 

6. Book flights to Australia 
Nope, nope, nope. Maybe for 2018 or 2019. One day I will go, but it's not the right time at the moment. 

7. Be more adventurous with what I have for dinner ✔️
No more just brown rice and sweet potatoes for me, probably because I have been living at home in my second year and my parents buy me food. 

8. Go on some random weird room trip 

9. Get a least a 2:1 in my second year of university ✔️
I was like 2% away from a first, so I did get a 2:1 it was just one module that let me down from getting that first. 

10. Trek America 
I ordered the brouche if that counts?

11. Go to Ireland 
No, but I did go to Cardiff and Majorca. 

12. Go to Buckingham Palace 

13.  Do more photography 
Well I have posted a lot more on instagram this year then any other year and they haven't all been selfies or mirror selfies. 

14. Take part in more sports ✔️
See answer to point 3. 

15. Really focus on my blog photography and content 
Okay, I have sucked with my blog this year. Kinda feel out of love with it, despite a name change. Kinda been too busy. 

16. Sign up to learn a new language ✔️
I did sign up for French at university, but the class was at like 8pm on a Monday and yeah I wasn't going to do that. 

17. Have at least a day a month without social media 

18. Read more books 

19. Learn how to save ✔️
My savings account kinda looks healthy right now, considering I am a student and spend a hefty amount on ASOS. 

20. See a horror film 
Twenty years of age and still not seen a horror film. 

Yes, I understand that I have failed most of my list of 20 things to do before I am 20, but there is plenty of other things that happened in my last year of being a teenager as well that I probably wasn't expecting. 

Some of my personal highlights include: 

It's kinda crazy knowing that in just under 6 weeks I will going to live in Canada for a year. The process has been kinda long, but I am looking forward to it. Maybe next year my 'twenty' round up will be all about Canada. 

2. Seeing Justin Bieber four times. 
Four incredible concerts. This time last year I had two concerts planned; one for 11th October and the other for 28th November. On the way to the 28th November concert I managed to buy one pit ticket for the concert. So that night I was second row and Justin touched my hand and it was like the best experience ever. Then in December, they announced shows in Cardiff and London, so obviously I brought tickets. I got pit again in Cardiff, which was just incredible, even after the 5 and a half hour wait, but I was front row and during Baby we were all so lit and Justin just looked at us like 'thats my real supporters down there'. I also got eye contact during Hold Tight on 28th November and the show in Cardiff as well. I was also third row for the show in Hyde Park as well. Can you tell I am kinda a belieber? 

3. Taking part in Derby Day 2017 
This is something i regret from first year of university; never joining a sports club. In my first year derby day was held at Essex, whereas this year it was held at UEA. So as a member of the Lacrosse club, I went up to Norwich with the rest of the team. We lost, but honestly it is one of my highlights from second year. I got kinda drunk and don't really remember the coach journey back to campus or the pre drinks in towers. 

A few weeks ago I wrote about my little family trip to Majorca. It was a country that I haven't been back too since I was 5, so it was great to go back. It was also nice to relax after finishing second year of university and basically working full time since my exam in May. 

Okay this is kinda a long post. 
I'm just going to leave it there for now. 

Also, I wrote a post about 20 things I have learnt in 20 years, so go and have a nose at that, if you want. 

Love Alicia x 

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